Photos by Mickey McCarthy. Words by John Streit.

#Tubesday. Check out that hashtag on Instagram. Besides a few misplaced selfies, you’ll see the view that will never gets old — barrels — either posted or snapped on a Tuesday. Each one of these images captured by Outer Banks surf photographer Mickey McCarthy on Tuesday, Dec. 29 could hold a place under this social media file. Dare County, N.C. is famous for producing cylindrical delights when the surf turns on, and a recent pre-frontal south swell did just that around the famous sandbars of Avalon Pier. In fact, the stretch has been so good at producing barrels that Hatteras residents like Dallas Tolson have made the rare trip north to get in on the action. “What a fun day,” McCarthy said. “There was a good group of rippers in the water and some fresh faces, too.” If you haven’t already followed Mickey on Facebook, do yourself a favor — but only if you love scrolling through hundreds of photos of high-quality Outer Banks surfing!

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