While Tuesday proved to be a challenging sandbar search for most, this unridden Pea Island reeler proves that quality moments could be found all over the Outer Banks. Photo: Streit.
Sandbridge's Brad Harrell negotiates a heavily-textured right. This shot tells the story of the afternoon for the east-facing beaches: plenty of swell, but tons of current and wind made for against-the-grain conditions. Photo: Streit.
Frisco was the first Outer Banks spot to show Bertha's swell, and boy, did it show! Photo: Harcourt.
This photo is gnarly for many reasons. One is the awesome angle with the remains of Frisco Pier dangling in the foreground. Another is the fact that S&A team rider Conner Barnes is charging on a twin-fin Catch Surf Beater. Photo: Schmucker.
This is probably the most swell I've ever seen jammed into one photo. Conner Barnes going in with the Beater. Photo: Schmucker.
It wasn't all ledges and death pits. Jetty Apparel Co. founder and marketing hancho Cory Higgins cuts loose on an inside runner. 1 of 2. Photo: Streit.
Cory Higgins. 2 of 2. Photo: Streit.
Sandbridge's Andrew Meyer sets it up on a Hatteras drainer. Photo: Streit.
Virginia Beach's Bryce Humphrey scored some playful wedges at home and took full advantage. Photo: Breland.
Bryce finishing strong. Photo: Streit.
Brad Ewing banks a stylish top turn on a fun-sized VB nugget. Photo: Breland.
Meanwhile in Hatteras, Steven Owens tucks in on a meaty one. Photo: Streit.
Tropical skies in Hatteras courtesy of Ms. Bertha. Photo: Streit.
This was the end of a masterfully long ride by Brad Harrell. Photo: Streit.
S&A's Coeltryn Kirkland rose to the challenge in the pumping conditions. Photo: Streit.
Mysto. Photo: Harcourt.
Another Conner Barnes sighting, this time Jon Carter lines him up on a macker!

Photos by John Streit, Jon Carter, Allen Harcourt & Colin Breland. Words by Streit.

As always happens, a mid-summer hurricane doesn’t just radiate swell, it also radiates hype. From Florida to Maine, surfers anxiously await the first lines of corduroy to arrive at their beach. Every stoked-out exchange between friends, social media posting and swell forecast check spreads the anticipation like a virus — the same virus that you catch when you need to call in sick to score barrels!

Bertha spawned a variety of conditions along the Mid-Atlantic coast as she passed by close-but-safely out to sea. The swell rose rapidly and created both moments of perfection for south-facing beaches and frustration as massive amounts of current worked against northerly winds on the east-facers. Either way, Bertha created the third shot of solid summer swell in as many months. And for the Outer Banks, the best was yet to come.

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