The first look was looking really good. Photo: Devine.
Moments of perfection were happening all around Hatteras Island. Photo: Devine.
My favorite place to see Shaun Devine: driving through a perfect Hatteras barrel. 1 of 7. Photo: Roberts
Shaun Devine. 2 of 7. Photo: Roberts
Shaun Devine. 3 of 7. Photo: Roberts
Shaun Devine. 4 of 7. Photo: Roberts
Shaun Devine. 5 of 7. Photo: Roberts
Shaun Devine. 6 of 7. Photo: Roberts
Shaun Devine. 7 of 7. Photo: Roberts
Duck Village Outfitters bossman Bob Hovey mixing business with pleasure. Photo: Roberts.
Stoked to see this brother-brother connection! Evan Micele draws his line while little bro Ethan Micele gets the shot.
Evan Micele put on the gas inside of a hollow runner. Photo: Micele.
As fun as it gets: pumping outside entry into a fast, hallow inside; Shaun Devine sizes it all up. Photo: Micele.
Shaun's barrel riding performance drew the lens of OBX legend Mickey "2M" McCarthy.
Another McCarthy-Devine connection, this time in the lineup. Check out the bottom of the trough draining over the sandbar before walling up to barrel.
Here's the from-land angle of the same shot as the photo in the previous frame. Crazy to see how much more big it looks from this viewpoint; a nod to how much water was draining through that wave. Photo: Roberts.

Photos by Shaun Devine, Forrest Roberts, Mickey McCarthy & Ethan Micele. Words by John Streit.

For however flawed the rapidly-rising Hurricane Bertha swell was the day before, it was as groomed and beautiful as it gets less than 12 hours later. Just like that, the Outer Banks was turned on and living up to its billing as host of some of the world’s best beachbreaks.

A crew of Surf & Adventure Co. team riders — Shaun Devine, Forrest Roberts and Evan Micele — were on it early on Wednesday, August 6 to both document and surf the classic summer hurricane swell. It was awesome to see some of the photos credited to Evan Micele’s younger brother Ethan; as well as Shaun lining up some shots with Outer Banks master surf photographer and shaper Mickey McCarthy.

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