He got his style license long before the car keys.
Even the little guys have to drop a knee to make the most of a clean south swell.
Noah Barnas letting us know what time it is; time to surf!
Pocket composure isn't something that you usually see in today's youth.
Rhett sizing up the pocket as he cuts back on his S&A surfboard.
Coeltryn coming into his own with a well timed hit at the lip.
Another Kirkland launching on his body board.

There is no secret that the youth in Sandbridge are taking things to a whole new level.  With Coeltryn acting as alpha older brother, his younger brother and their friends benefit from his wealth of knowledge and style.  We like to think that he picked up is ideas from years of hanging out at Surf and Adventure but it was probably inevitable.  Coeltryn has an impeccable eye for detail and pushes his ideas on the custom boards that he has designed with us for himself and his brothers.  He has always been my one of my favorite customers to talk surf design with as well as one of our best surf instructors.  Of course, surfing with Noah Barnas, another friend of the shop, does hurt.  Noah was an inspiration for the the Surf and Adventure Black Tip.  The Black Tip has turned into our go-to rip stick for when the waves are firing.  As demonstrated in the photos above, Noah doesn’t need much of a wave to express how much he loves the board.

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