Adam Vaughn finds this Southside Hatteras nugget to his liking. Photo: Carolino.

Words by John Streit. Photos by Joshua Carolino, Colin Breland and Allen Harcourt.

I’m not talking about a half-hearted attempt at hitting the gym or cutting out some undesirable habit just because the calendar flipped to January.

I’m talking about the real meaning of the word resolution: guts, heart, determination, courage, perseverance, relentlessness, tenacity, will power and so on. These words remind me of what it takes to don thick rubber and charge against the angry sea in the midst of winter. It just so happens that our most consistent run of swell has come since the New Year began a couple of weeks ago.

For your viewing pleasure, local up-and-comers Joshua Carolino, Colin Breland and Allen Harcourt had the resolution to surf and document these New Year’s swells from Maryland to Southside Hatteras Island. Big thanks to those guys for sharing and be sure to visit each of their websites by clicking on their names above. To check out the action in Sandbridge/Virginia Beach during the same run of swell, check out Frothing x Freezing.


Okeyan’s Allen Harcourt watches an unidentified surfer slide through the sweet spot. Photo: Breland.


Another unidentified ripper draws his line on a Hatteras runner. Photo: Breland.

OC_MD 1_4_14-2

Ocean City, Md. Cold, wind-blown but firing. Photo: Harcourt.


Travis Knewstep hits the breaks on a Hatteras drainer. Photo: Breland.


Matt Aycud boosts on a retro 80’s Seasoned shape — timeless style. Photo: Carolino.


Matt Aycud, inside drainer. Photo: Carolino.

OC_MD 1_4_14-3

Ocean City gnashing its teeth. Photo: Harcourt.


Iconic. Photo: Breland.


Unidentified. Photo: Breland.


Adam Vaughn. Photo: Carolino.


Gliders. Photo: Carolino.


Allen Harcourt, high and tight. Photo: Breland.


Unidentified. Photo: Breland.

OC_MD 1_3_14-2

Signing off from OCMD. Photo: Harcourt.

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