Photos by Matt Vaughan, Mickey McCarthy, Shaun Devine & Karis Reventas.

If anything, hurricane swells remind us that so much in surfing centers around the almighty hype machine. This website is guilty as charged. Maybe it’s because we can place a human name with a swell event; or because of hurricanes’ known swell-producing power. Our collective interest in their dubious tracks and whether or not the storm will impact our coast with bad weather undoubtedly keeps the machine well-oiled as well. The mystification of surfing a hurricane swell is undoubtedly good for East Coast surfing as a whole. It’s the straw that stirs the industry drink in a normally wave-starved time of year. That’s all well-and-good, but this feature centers around those days when the swell emanates from an unnamed weather event. No waves of social media buzz nor waves of sudden calls-in-sick to work. This one’s a tribute to just being in the right place at the right time because the lifestyle brought you there. No hype. Just right.
Morning glory from the lens of Outer Banks photographer Matt Vaughan. S&A team rider and Party Missile Handplanes co-founder Shaun Devine met Matt during his time working at Jungle's Edge Resort in Nosara, Costa Rica; where Matt had taken up wintertime residence over the years. After shooting some memorable sessions together in Costa, the boys stayed in touch and finally made the connection to document a pristine day on the Outer Banks. Welcome back, Matt, and thanks for sharing your great work!
A week earlier, when a storm named Bertha was involved, this stretch of beach held one of the largest crowds Hatteras has seen in recent memory. Take away the name, and it's just another Wednesday -- a Wednesday with really fun surf. Photo: Vaughan.
I love the look of the water with the sun backlighting the waves in this series of shots: glowing hues of amber. Photo: Vaughan.
Shaun Devine trims close to the camera. Photo: Vaughan.
Shaun Devine, wide open in Rodanthe, N.C. Photo: Vaughan.
Without the fanfare -- and granted some of the size -- of Bertha, Shaun Devine still manages to find a sweet spot to be. Photo: Vaughan.
Back in Sandbridge, the S&A crew took advantage of the same swell that sent Shaun and Matt their canvases. Of course, it didn't feature the same size and shape of its beachbreak cousin to the south, but plenty of fun was on tap. John Streit on the gas pedal. Photo: Reventas.
Billy McKechnie, stylin' in the early morning light. Photo: Reventas.
Conner Barnes with a rock-n-roll off the top of an inside runner. Photo: Reventas.
Conner Barnes flying on the twin-fin Catch Surf Beater Original 54". Photo: Reventas.
John Streit runs away from the camera. Photo: Reventas.
There was even a little cover-up to be had in Virginia on this morning. John Streit with a quick vision. Photo: Reventas.
Matt McKechnie fades in on a morning gem. Photo: Reventas.
Always stoked to see Paddy McKechnie -- the youngest of the three McKechnie brothers -- out there surfing with the boys! Photo: Reventas.
Enjoy these unique Outer Banks shots while you can, because the ocean will be taking in these homes sometime in the near future. Photo: McCarthy.
These houses are too close of comfort, but close enough to reflect on this clean little left. Photo: McCarthy.
Mickey documents the formation of "The Dredge," which promises to be a spot well-referenced this hurricane season. Photo: McCarthy.
Back in the water for round two, Matt catches Shaun looking at a perfect party peak. Photo: Vaughan.
Bodysurfing is all about positioning in the curl. Here, Shaun finds perfect form. 1 of 2. Photo: Vaughan.
Shaun Devine, 2 of 2. Photo: Vaughan.
Peaks for weeks. Photo: Vaughan.
Here's one of Shaun's first attempts at using a water housing for a DSLR camera. Stay tuned, because he'll be getting his in the mail soon! Photo: Devine.
Clean and green. Photo: Devine.
Matt Vaughan on the other side of the lens. Photo: Devine.
Shaun tackles a thick little left. Photo: Vaughan
Water shots can produce some unique angles that show the intricacies of positioning on the wave face. Shaun Devine in fine form. Photo: Vaughan
Whompers wanted. Photo: Vaughan.
Matt Vaughan over the ledge on the Beater. Photo: Devine.
All in a day's work. Bodie Island Lighthouse. Photo: Vaughan.

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