As fun as it gets: summer in Costa. Photo: Brittain.
This feature's photographer Danny Brittain on the other side of the lens.
An unknown shredder tags a tropical wall. Photo: Brittain.
This guy's got it figured out. Photo: Brittain.
Dreaming. Photo: Brittain.
Checking it all out. Photo: Brittain.
An unknown ripper draws her line. Photo: Brittain.
Alec Truelove gets in position for a backhand barrel. Photo: Brittain.
It's been exciting to see the progression of Danny's photography over the past few months. Expect big things from this natural photographic eye. Photo: Brittain.
No takers. Photo: Brittain.
Briar Nelson right where we all want to be. Photo: Brittain.
Another unknown backside lipper. Photo: Brittain.
That's all, folks! Photo: Brittain.

Photos by Daniel Brittian. Words by John Streit.

There’s no way around it: summer is the flattest time of year for the East Coast and the Mid-Atlantic in particular. Knowing this predictable pattern, Surf & Adventure Co. crew members Daniel Brittian, Briar Nelson and Alec Truelove booked their flights to a place with plentiful summer swell: Costa Rica, the land of summertime pura vida!

The photos above tell the story of their journey. Long taxi rides, shuttles around from break to break and plenty of striking landscapes to experience were the going rate. The boys even made their way to Nosara, where Sandbridge local Dave Maher runs his Jungle’s Edge resort.

From the looks of it, the trip was a success.

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