Northeaster Before Easter

Man, it is always fun to watch social media light up with the latest Northeaster swell to hit the East Coast.   For me, I have to admit a ton of jealousy of seeing so many great waves.   Catching the Big Wednesday in Sandbridge a hair too late, the ocean welcomed me with a well deserved beat down for having surfed so little lately.   Waiting for my last wave, I was cleaned up as a set wave broke mere feet in front of me.   You have to love it when you duck dive so hard that you actually stick the fins into the sand and then have the wave detonate on top of you.  It was a great Yard Sale!   Haha – I loved it!

Please enjoy these photos of Matt Price drawing great lines.  Photos by Dawn Moraga |

Matt’s go-to boards are the Hypto Krypto and the Luv Buzz.

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