Photos by Shaun Devine, Katie Slater & Phil Grandfield. Words by John Streit.

We’re all entitled to our opinions, but from my experience; there are no other events that propagate good vibes more than weddings. There’s just something about the union of two best friends that brings the utmost amount of joy to those gathered to celebrate. Very few occurrences in the human experience invite us to truly be present in the moment than the acceptance of this ancient covenant. Surfing is also one of those occurrences, as are reunions with friends separated by hundreds — even thousands — of miles but united by the universe’s strongest force: love. An epic gathering of like-minded, adventurous friends converged on the eastern Canadian island provence of Nova Scotia for the wedding of Ailsa and Cory Grandfield. Cory and his twin brother Craig are both distinguished S&A alumni, who have since followed their passions around the world as surfers and travelers. They’ve also made careers in a similar fashion with Cory working in the film industry and Craig serving Canada as a forest firefighter (and it’s been a busy season for sure). The following images captured by our own Shaun Devine, Katie Slater and proud poppa Phil Grandfield document a special communion which recently took place many miles to our northeast. Enjoy the images of this rustic, rugged coastline. And of course, congrats to the newlyweds!

Fireside along the shroes of the Bay of Fundy. Photo: Slater.
Golden paths. Photo: Slater.
Shaun Devine flashes a cheater five in the clean Canadian conditions. Photo: Grandfield.
Shaun catching some morning z's at the crew's campsite near Bay of Fundy. Photo: Slater.
Sea meets stone meets forest. Photo: Slater.
Shaun Devine tells the Jetty color story in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Photo: Slater.
An epic camping setup for Ailsa and Cory Grandfield's wedding party. Photo: Slater.
Katie Slater takes in the warm tones of the Bay of Fundy sunset. Photo: Devine.
Sundown. Photo: Slater.
Shaun Devine and Craig Grandfield ascend the hill after a fun friends' session. Photo: Grandfield.
While no major swell event coincided with Cory & Ailsa's wedding, you can see the potential this Nova Scotia cobblestone peak holds. Photo: Grandfield.
Nothing like sharing waves with friends feeling the best vibes possible in such a beautiful locale. Shaun Devine glides. Photo: Grandfield.
Shaun Devine jumped in the lineup with his water housing and captured some of the action. Photo: Devine.
The wedding brought friends together from across the United States and Canada. Here, Cory of New Jersey enjoys the small-but-fun conditions in Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia. Photo: Devine.
Travis Kesler digs in off the bottom on his Valaric Surfboards twin fin. Photo: Devine.
Defacto best man and Cory's twin bro Craig Grandfield with some tuck-knee style. Photo: Devine.
Chilly onshores. Photo: Devine.
Shaun Devine's Nova Scotian rock hop. Photo: Slater.
Casey Smith and Craig Grandfield make their way to the party peak. Photo: Devine.
Clean Canadian cobblestone peelers. Photo: Devine.
The newlyweds! Cory & Ailsa Grandfield. Photo: Devine.
Outside! Photo: Devine.
Travis Kesler on rail. Photo: Devine.
Northern sun. Photo: Devine.
Rollin' with the homies!

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