Fishing pier and waves.
Three kayaks on a beach.
Fog over a swampy canal.
A kayaker surfs a wave.
A kayak sitting on the beach.
Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge water and grass.
Sunrise over the ocean.
Pink and Purple clouds

Sam is new to our team at Surf and Adventure and it’s no secret that she has a talent.  She has a a way of seeing the best light in her day to day happenings.  Most of the pictures here are from a day at work.  How many of us leave work with a portfolio?  Sure; Surf and Adventure is a different kind of job but I have a funny feeling she could make spreadsheets look good.  You either have the eye or you don’t.  Sam has been spending a lot of time designing and printing shirts, as well.  They are filtering into the shop so be sure to stop by and check them out.

About The Author

Josh is a long-time resident ambassador of Surf and Adventure. He works with every aspect of S&A from building boards with Jake to leading bike tours to False Cape. Ask him about longboard fins to find out more than you ever wanted to know. [@jausch]