S&A team rider Julian Smith lets it fly. Photo: Breland.

Words by John Streit. Photos by Colin Breland & Kenny Mills.

Well, it’s safe to say that summer’s off to a great start.

After the passing of Memorial Day, we’ve been treated to some fun days in Sandbridge; but none as fun as Monday, June 2. The Surf & Adventure crew was spread far and wide from the fabled sandbars of the Outer Banks to our home breaks up and down Sandbridge Beach, shredding waves and snapping photos to document this shot of early summer swell. From the looks of these photos captured by Colin and Kenny, it looks like Sandbridge was in classic form.

Enjoy the photos and stay tuned for much more coming from Monday’s and Tuesday’s sessions!


S&A owner Rob Lindauer took the Walden Surfboards Enigma SUP 8’6 out for some clean, green action. Photo: Mills.


Matt Aycud has been boosting some mental airs lately. Styling with the melon grab. Photo: Breland.


Julian Smith. Photo: Breland.

IMG_1678 (1)

Groomed. Photo: Breland.


Photo ID help please! This guy was killing it on the single fin! Photo: Mills.


Rob Lindauer. Photo: Mills.


Julian finds some shade. Photo: Breland.


Matt Aycud. Photo: Breland.


Rob ripping a SUP harder than most who ride performance shortboards! Photo: Mills


Matt Aycud with some backhand style. Photo: Breland,


Rob Lindauer. Photo: Mills.


Matt Aycud boosting. Photo: Breland.


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