Photos courtesy of Sara White. Words by John Streit.

The adventurous spirit of the Surf & Adventure Co. crew never ceases to impress. While their endeavors are unique, operating outside of one’s comfort zone and experiencing life to the fullest is the common bond.

For shop associate, tour guide and surf instructor Sara White, her latest international trip took her to the South American nation of Bolivia — a landlocked country once ruled by the Inca and home to an incredible amount of cultural diversity. While the official language is Spanish, resulting from the region’s colonial era, 37 indigenous languages are spoken in Bolivia. For Sara, however, Spanish-language immersion with a Bolivian host family was the reason for her University of Mary Washington study-abroad semester.

With a heart for charity and children, Sara took time away from her studies to volunteer at an orphanage and a nonprofit trekking agency! Enjoy these glimpses of her adventure!

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