Photos by Lisa Milspaugh. Words by John Streit.

The bulk of surf coverage that emerges from the Outer Banks tends to gravitate around gaping beachbreak caverns and top-notch high performance shredding — and for good reason. The strand has the swell-drawing power to create ample canvases for the best surfers from across the region, coast and world to manifest their art. However, there’s another side to the OBX that can be left in the shadow of mega pits and mega talent. Even when it’s smaller — especially when paired with light offshore breezes — its sandbars provide a playground of peelers. For longboarding talent and Surf & Adventure team rider Evan Micele, it serves as an opportunity to log time in the more punchy, powerful conditions that Virginia Beach doesn’t always provide. This proving ground has served him well as he gains more success on the national and international competitive scenes. It’s been a December to remember all across the region. Here, Evan showcases his contributions to the canon of shreds the 12th and final month of 2015 had to offer.

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