Photos by Angela Kirkland & Cody Coleman. Words by John Streit.

The stoke gene must be very strong among the Kirkland brothers. Over the past couple of years, it’s been incredible to witness the surfing talent these four siblings have fostered with Sandbridge Beach — particularly the famed, wave-rich S-Turns stretch — as their backyard. Leading the pack is Coeltryn, 19, who now spends the school year at Flagler College in sunny St. Augustine Fl., which has offered ample swell during his freshman semester to further solidify his bag of tricks. His younger brothers have had plenty of surfing opportunities at home during the past fall as well. Addison, 12, and Rhett, 10, offer a contrasting style to big brother as regularfooters who already know how to use their rails to throw powerful turns — a skill that’s well ahead of their years. Drawing is own line on a bodyboard is Keaton, 13, who is probably getting barreled as we speak! With their mom Angela shooting high quality photos of their sessions, surfing is truly a family affair for these awesome folks we’re proud to call our friends. Enjoy this set of shreds covering the autumn that was for the Kirkland boys.

In between classes at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Fl., Coeltryn also studies hard in the wayer. Photo: Coleman.
There's no doubt Coeltryn felt a little temperature shock getting into a fullsuit and boots after his balmy Floridian semester. It was all worth it for this Sandbridge beauty. Photo: Kirkland.
Sharing is caring! Keaton Kirkland boogies alongside brother Rhett. Photo: Kirkland.
Keaton with a nice inside barrel on the bodyboard. Photo: Kirkland.
Sundown blastoff with Addison. Photo: Kirkland.
Coeltryn off the top. Photo: Kirkland.
Rhett with a rail turn beyond his years! Photo: Kirkland.
Addison throwing buckets! Photo: Kirkland.
High lines, good times with Keaton. Photo: Kirkland.
Coeltyrn buries a rail on a Catch Surf Odysea Skipper. Photo: Kirkland.
This green peeler is well overhead for charging Rhett. Photo: Kirkland
Keaton's golden hour barrel. Photo: Kirkland.


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