Photos and Words By John Declan Mactavish.

With Fall coming to a close and Thanksgiving right around the corner, many people grab their concrete board in search for the perfect ramp or rail. With beautiful weather over the weekend I was blessed to have my good friend Christopher (Bo) Hendrix, take me to a couple skateparks around Virginia Beach to shoot some amazing photos. We traveled to WRV’s park on Friday afternoon right after school got out of session, only to find some of the best skaters including one of our own Noah Barnas, expressing their joy and talent for the sport. Once we arrived one of my friends Chris Figueroa introduced Bo and I into a couple other skaters and from there, everybody skated while I stood back and shot as many photos as I could.

After a sore awakening the next morning, Bo and I decided to challenge ourself and branch out to a new park we haven’t been to before. Without any background information we looked up the closest park we could find and it was in the middle of Chesapeake, once we arrived we found a couple of flat bars and a fun box in between two massive quarter pipes. Thankfully their was a great spot I could squeeze into to get some amazing shots of some unknown skaters. Nothing like a Skate-Tastic weekend on the East Coast.


Unknown Skater from Chesapeake.
Chris Figueroa at WRV.
Noah Barnas.
Unknown Skater from WRV.
Cory Dearie.
Unknown Skater from Chesapeake.
Christopher Hendrix in Chesapeake.

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