Words by Alex Smith | Surfer Julian Smith | Photos taken by Annie Boothe
Living the Surf and Adventure lifestyle; the Smith brothers were beyond stoked for the swell that came through the East Coast the weekend prior to Thanksgiving. For East Coasters, predicting wave quality is difficult most of the time, but using different forecasting platforms makes it easier. Thanks to swell tracking platforms, and some watchful stoked surfers, my brothers and I were keen to chase the swell. Catching the best swell entails waking up at 4 am for a long haul to our brethren shoreline down in the Outer Banks, hoping for the best but always having a reservation for the worst. At times anticipating A-frame barrels and some hooting and hollering is only met with waves that are less appealing than predicted, but still some fun swell. This weekend was different. As we rolled over the dunes, we saw that the swell bargained more than just a solid waist high day. We found a pre-thanksgiving feast, waves that offered a solid 4-6 feet up and down the coast! Every surfer knows this is the best feeling, and I guess Mother Earth wanted to give us a little extra something to be thankful for prior to the holidays. I am thankful for waves, friends, family to share them with, and being here on the East coast where we do get our days of epic swells.
What are you thankful for?

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