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Have you ever had that moment when you first lay eyes on something you have been building up in your mind for awhile? The first sight of the Wasatch Mountains was no letdown to the Kirkland boys as we flew into Salt Lake City, Utah on our way to Brighton Ski Resort.

After snowboarding the last couple of winters on the east coast, we were ready to see what all the hype was about out west. None of us could have imagined what the week would have in store. The next two days brought 37 inches of fresh powder, on top of a 60 inch base, which was then followed by four days of blue skies. Brighton is a “smaller” resort with an elevation of 10,750ft and over 1,000 skiable acres. Within the resort, there are 66 ski trails and multiple backcountry accesses. My brothers and I spent a lot of time off the groomed ski trails and riding awesome tree sections. This was when we discovered why people love fresh powder so much. The ability to go anywhere within the resort and find snow so deep you could almost disappear was indescribable!

I wish everyone who enjoys snowboarding could get the chance to experience riding on such perfect conditions. With uncrowded slopes, acres to draw fresh lines, endless backcountry and tree sections, it was apparent that Brighton Ski Resort is a local favorite. We were humbled, as well as stoked to watch some of Brighton’s best send it off insane cliffs and snow covered boulders in person. Utah’s talent there was absolutely unreal. My brothers and I dove right into the mix and spent our Christmas holiday pow surfing and enjoying some of the best Utah had to offer.


Photos by Coeltryn and Angela Kirkland

Riders: Rhett, Addison, Keaton, Coeltryn Kirkland

Snowboarding stalefish

Rhett getting comfortable with the stalefish.

Snowboarding Off Axis 3

Addison with an off axis 3.

Snowboarding Method Monday

Coeltryn…Method Monday

Snowboarding off rocks

Coeltryn enjoying the rock gardens.

Taking a break from snowboarding to play in 37 inches of dry, powdery, snow

The Kirkland boys amazed by 37 inches of dry powder.

Snowboarding trails through the trees

Free refills meant it wouldn’t take long for our tracks to disappear and return to a perfect powder run through the trees.

Avalanche warnings visible while snowboarding the trails

A humbling reminder this is not your predictable east coast mountain.

View of Wasatch Mountain Range while snowboarding

Beauty in the Wasatch Mountain Range.

The unbelievable view while snowboarding

Pictures just can’t do it justice.


Brighton Resort





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