Foreword & questions by John Streit. Answers by Coeltryn Kirkland. Photos by Angela Kirkland. The first thing that stood out about Coeltryn Kirkland when he arrived as a rental associate at Surf & Adventure Co. was his pleasant and good-natured demeanor. As we’ve gotten to know him better and better over the past couple of years, it’s obvious that first impression would become a lasting one; not to mention he’s a hardworking guy with plenty of love for Sandbridge and for surfing! Recently, Coeltryn’s rapid progression of skill in the surf has been refreshing and inspiring to see. Having been taken under the wing of neighbor and arguably Sandbridge’s best surfer in Brad Harrell, Coeltryn immediately reaped the benefits of his guidance. It also appears the goofyfooter is equally comfortable on his backhand and his forehand, which bodes extremely well for his continued progression. Drawing inspiration from two very different-but-prodigiously-talented pros Chippa Wilson and Alex Knost; we’re stoked to see Coeltryn continue on his path in surfing as the newest addition to the Surf & Adventure Co. team! 

  • Coeltryn Kirkland.
  • Age: 18.
  • Home break: Sandbridge S-Turns.
  • Favorite Surfer: Definitely Chippa Wilson with the skate style! And the sickest hippie, Alex Knost, with a close second.
  • Current go-to board: Haydenshapes “The Ando.” 6’0 x 19 1/4 x 2 1/2. I’ve been trying a little more volume lately and it’s working out great!
  • Describe your approach to surfing: I love seeing some of the local guys who shred, and that always pushes me to progress. But I definitely try to make each session better than the last while enjoying every wave.
  • It was awesome to see you surfing with Brad Harrell this summer during the Hurricane Bertha swell and charging! How much has surfing with him help your performance? Having Brad down the street has been great for me. Watching him surf and surfing with him stokes me out every time. He is always open to my questions, always gives the right advice and I always try to work on what he tells me, and when I can barely do a little of what he says it makes a world of difference with my surfing. That day During Bertha I learned so much from being with Brad and Andrew Meyer and just watching them get barreled in those dark pits. That really forced me to step up on a few; I will never forget that day and those waves.
  • Living so close to the beach in Sandbridge must be great! What’s your favorite thing about having your home break so close to your home? I haven’t lived in Sandbridge long, but I’ll never be able to live away from the beach now that I’ve gotten the full taste. My favorite thing is when the forecast is wrong, skating up to the beach access and expecting flatness but getting that surprise of super fun waves! Unless you check, you’d never know.
  • There is a youth movement in Sandbridge with young talent breaking out all over. Do you feel like that pushes you to surf your best? My three little brothers surf and all their young friends, too; and I usually just surf with them, but they are all progressing so fast! I don’t want little guys showing me up, so I definitely try my best to match their pace of advancement. But it’s obvious that there are a few standouts in the crew that are going to go big!
  • What are your goals in surfing, both short and long term? Whenever the swell gets good and everyone out is ripping, I just try to have fun and try to better myself and rip harder on the next wave. Long term, I think its the coolest thing ever to see the real old guys in Hatteras who have been surfing there forever and are still ripping. I hope one day I can be that grandpa and still able to surf with the young whippersnappers.
Coeltryn driving through a classic Sandbridge barrel section, 1 of 4. Photo: Kirkland.
Coeltryn Kirkland, 2 of 4. Photo: Kirkland.
Coeltryn Kirkland, 3 of 4. Photo: Kirkland.
Coeltryn Kirkland, 4 of 4. Photo: Kirkland.
Cheater-five stylin' on a clean summertime peeler. Photo: Kirkland.
Coeltryn bashes a frontside off-the-top. Photo: Kirkland.
Coeltryn's backside attack is coming into fine form. Photo: Kirkland.
One of the benefits of being a goofyfooter living in a place with a dominant right-breaking wave: a strong backhand approach. Photo: Kirkland.
Coeltryn's stylish frontside carve. Photo: Kirland.
Photo: Kirkland.
Photo: Kirkland.
Photo: Kirkland.
Flat? No worries! Coeltryn having some fun on the skim on a small day. Photo: Kirkland.

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