Words by John Streit. Photos by Justin Rienerth, Jon Carter, Harrison Whittater, Angela Kirkland & Carter Gamble

The swell train keeps on rolling down the Mid-Atlantic track! As soon as our last swell recap covering the end of September; the opening days of October coincided with another shot of swell from the same mid-latitude low pressure system that pulled our first true shot of fall weather down to our region. Fun surf was to be found across the sands of Virginia, but a special confluence of conditions came together for a memorable afternoon in the Outer Banks on Saturday, Oct. 4. The days before and after held their magical moments as well, leading to a deluge of photos coming in from our radical network of contributing photographers! Thanks to them for sharing the stoke as always.

Justin Rienerth captures a classic Outer Banks fall moment at Avalon Pier.
Austin White slotted with style. Photo: Whittaker.
Absolutely pumping. Austin White. Photo: Whittaker.
Auzzy knows you gotta pay to play. Photo: Rienerth.
Chris McDonald spreads his wings over Kill Devil Hills. Photo: Carter.
A Carolina golden-hour swim with Jon Carter, in sync with Jessica Wallace..
Quentin Turko has become a regular to the pixels of this website, and we love it! Photo: Carter.
DVO's Burger doing what Burger does best! Photo: Carter.
Tyler Balak took advantage of the fun conditions at home in Virginia Beach over the weekend. Photo: Phan.
Ty on the other side of the inlet, fins free. Photo: Phan.
Plenty of power on this Tyler Balak frontside turn. Photo: Phan.
A golden moment from the lens of Justin Rienerth; Kill Devil Hills, N.C.
Mrs. Rienerth was a proud momma to catch her son, S&A team rider Justin Rienerth, getting shacked on this OBX gem.
VB's Harrison Whittaker hunts down one of 1,000 barrels on Oct. 4 in the Outer Banks. Photo: Rienerth.
Peaky conditions, a longer swell period and offshore winds translated to an open slate of options in the Outer Banks on Saturday. Harrison Whittaker cashes in yet again. Photo: Reinerth.
S&A team rider Coeltryn Kirkland attacks the lip at home in Sandbridge. Photo: Kirkland.
The same swell that blew up points south sent contestable lines to First Street Jetty, where S&A team rider Evan Micele claimed third place in both open longboard and shortboard at the E.S.A. Neptune Classic. Photo: Micele.
Evan's frontside attack was key to his good results of the weekend, 1 of 4. Photo: Micele.
Evan Micele, 2 of 4. Photo: Micele.
Evan Micele, 3 of 4. Photo: Micele.
Evan Micele, 4 of 4. Photo: Micele.
Frontside rock-n-roll on the inside for Evan Micele. Photo: Micele.
Laid back on the frontside lip slide, Evan caught stylin' during one his heats on the way to the finals of open shortboard. Photo: Micele.
Carter Gamble snaps a bomb just before dark on Hatteras Island on Saturday.
The Smith Brothers love sniffing out barrels together from Virginia to Carolina. Julian drops into a juicy shorebreak slab. Photo: Gamble.
Alex Smith gets low for a righthand drainer. Photo: Gamble.

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