Words by John Streit. Photos by Mickey McCarthy, Jon Carter, Briar Nelson & Billy Ficke.

The instant I began to run through the photos coming from last weekend’s swell, it was obvious one photo feature wasn’t going to be enough to contain the radness. Here, we humbly offer you Part Two; which contains a wide range of angles all focused on the good-to-epic conditions experienced across the region. Reflecting on this set of photos, I was also drawn to the fact that our contributors span such a broad range themselves: from the salty OBX legend Mickey “2M” McCarthy, who has been shooting for decades, to the upstart photo skills of the young Billy Ficke and his passion for capturing water shots. Stoke for surfing truly knows no boundaries!

Patrick Duggan slides back home to the OBX from Virginia Tech to study the inside of the barrel. Photo: Carter.
VB's Jake Horton stares into the grill of Avalon Pier. Photo: Nelson
Billy Ficke likes to shoot 'em heavy and thick!
No one knows how to capture just how magical the Outer Banks can be quite like Mickey McCarthy. A swell coming from a storm with no name as we continue to roll into fall, straight into one of the world's best beachbreak setups in Kill Devil Hills and Kitty Hawk, N.C. Photo: McCarthy
The battle for rights to this Avalon beauty is underway. Photo: McCarthy.
Mike Rowe digging in on another one of his Hook Surfboards creations. Photo: McCarthy.
Jeffery Myers sets his backhand line. Photo: McCarthy
Jake Horton pulls in to another northside Avalon drainer. Photo: McCarthy.
Ryan Leopold opted for the southern peak off Avalon Pier and scored; lining up some amazing shots with Mickey McCarthy.
Virginia Beach's Ryan Zmuda trims inside of this incredible wave. Photo: McCarthy.
Barry Price backdoors a a classic Carolina teepee. Photo: McCarthy.
Twice-as-wide-as-tall is a mean combo at head-high. Photo: McCarthy.
Backhand blast. ID help please! Photo: McCarthy.
Quentin Turko punts into a heavy section. Photo: Nelson.
Johnny Correll gives this paddler-out a view worth his last ride in. Photo: Nelson
On the gas with style to burn, Quentin Turko. Photo: McCarthy.
Jeffery Myers eyes his exit. Photo: Carter
Myers jumps on a happy hour flight. Photo: McCarthy.
Here comes the hammer. Photo: Ficke.
Brian Bassett where he's most at home, inside of an OBX almond. Photo: Ficke.
Going hard to match the speed of this inside runner, Brian Bassett sets his line. Photo: Ficke.

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