Photos by Steven Stohrer, Candace Streit, Jacob Kattan & Brian Kelley.

Though we are in the midst of our small-wave season of summer, steady southerly windflow has seen rideable surf — pending equipment choices — nearly every day along the Virginia and North Carolina coast. While most days haven’t eclipsed the waist-high mark, pre-frontal surges of south winds have caused the occasional flare-ups at the standout spots when wind, tide and swell all come together just right. Sure, we’re salivating at our first shot of pumping tropical swell, but the early going of hurricane season has been quiet; so if you want to surf, you’ve got to get stoked on small surf. If you ask me, it’s way better than no surf at all. With the current weather pattern firmly engrained, the next fun day of surf is right around the corner. It’s these kind of conditions that drive the lion’s share of our board buying decisions at Surf & Adventure. Check out our selection of surfboards here, that is after you scroll through the gallery of recent surf images below.

An morning gem rolls into Sandbridge. Photo: Kattan.
Brian Bassett stuffed this air clean during a recent Hatteras session. Photo: Stohrer.
Dylan Carolino finds fine form on this backhand bottom turn. Photo: Stohrer.
Julian Smith finishes with an inside lipper. Photo: Stohrer.
Alex Smith throws a backhand fan. Photo Stohrer.
John Streit recently returned from a seven-month hiatus after tearing up his knee in the Outer Banks last December. Here he puts it to the test strapped up with his brace. Photo: Streit.
Shaun Devine throws a twin-fin hook in Hatteras. Photo: Streit.
Shaun Devine's frontside fin jam. Photo: Streit.
Conner Barnes flows with an inside runner. Photo: Streit.
Conner Barnes trims off the top with style. Photo: Streit.
John Streit climbs an end section. Photo: Streit.
A laid back finisher from John Streit. Photo: Streit.
Born and raised in VB, longtime Hatteras local Chris O'Gorman has his home stretch of beach wired. Photo: Streit.
Back in Sandbridge, Kyle Biddle slides into an early morning line in front of the lens of Brian Kelley.

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