This scene played out time and time again at this Outer Banks sandbar on Nov. 22. Photo: Devine.

Photos by Shaun Devine, Conner Barnes, Briar Nelson & Elliot McCallister. Words by John Streit.

Why do we spend so much time checking the web for that next forecast update? Why do we set our alarms for the pre-dawn, voluntarily eschewing the comfort of our beds and many more hours of rest? Why do we spend countless hours in-transit and countless more on gasoline? Why do we shell out thousands on surfboards, fins, traction pads, leashes and wetsuit

The answers are simple: We love surfing. We love uncrowded beachbreak peaks. We love smooth seas created by light offshore breezes. We love sharing waves with our friends.

We live for days like this: Southbound and down to surf on Friday, Nov. 22.


We could see the vibrant colors of this sunrise well before the sun broke the horizon. Pulling off the road at this spot on the Currituck Sound was well worth the detour. Photo: Devine.


Eric Coulson blasts one during our high-tide morning session. Conditions were tough to manage at this spot, but a dropping tide throughout the day yielded a vast improvement. Photo: Nelson.


There’s nothing quite like finding an inside, walled-up A-frame. Alec Truelove finds one of his own. Photo: Devine.


Shaun Devine lipsliding on an inside section. Photo: Nelson.


John Streit and his 6’6 performance single fin by Clark Shapes. Photo: Barnes.


It took John awhile to find the right fin setup for this board. After this day, there’s no doubt: she’s a single. Photo: Barnes.


Eric used the day trip to do some Party Missile Handplanes R&D. Photo: Barnes.


Eric proves that Party Missile’s new “Seaworthy” series is more than worthy. Photo: Barnes.


Eric Coulson. Photo: Barnes.


Shaun Devine. Photo: Barnes.


Shaun slips into a clean little barrel on his Valaric “Shadowfax” single fin shaped by Jordan Brazie and built by The Quay Company in Virginia Beach. Photo: McCallister.


Shaun: “This is the best day ever!” Photo: Barnes.


You knew the good times were rolling when the boys played a little Beater baseball between sessions. Photo: Barnes.


John Streit. Photo: Barnes.


Eric Coulson. Photo: Barnes.


Soft-top Todd buries a rail on his little foamie quad. It was awesome to run into our Outer Banks friends without any phone calls. It also means we found a really good spot. Photo: Barnes.


Base camp for the day. Photo: Devine.


Alec Truelove. Photo: Devine.


Long lines and good times, all day. Photo: Devine.


A couple of cold ones. Photo: Devine.


The sunset sky gave Shaun a repeat performance of the morning as he pulled in to his Sandbridge home. Photo: Devine.


A picture-perfect ending to a picture-perfect day. Photo: Devine.

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