Words by John Streit. Photos by Billy Ficke & Trevor Knowles.

Though the water temperature still possess that painful, wintertime chill; it’s always a great sign to see the vibrant, clear, green waters of the Outer Banks behind a backdrop of Carolina blue sunshine. That’s just what S&A correspondent Billy Ficke captured on this pristine day of super fun surf in Buxton, N.C. from earlier this month. Though it was still technically winter when these photos were snapped, it has become clear that we’ve turned the corner into spring after spending the last few weeks of the season in the polar vortex. The snow has melted, the days are getting longer and water temperatures are slowly ascending. May this photo gallery be a preview for many more sun-drenched spring sessions to come!

Green water and Carolina blue skies over Buxton. Photo: Ficke.
Matt Walker off the bottom on a dreamy righthand peeler. Photo: Ficke.
Matt Walker styling in this backhand barrel. Photo: Ficke.
A-frame perfection up and down the beach. Photo: Ficke.
Ethan Smith hits the brakes for some tube time. Photo: Knowles.
Further down the line on the same wave, Ethan Smith gives the lip a kiss. Photo: Knowles.
East Coast dreaming. Photo: Ficke.
Matt Hanson, a Virginia Beach native now living in New Jersey, shot down the coast to score this pristine OBX day. Photo: Knowles.
Matt Hanson boosts a backside air. Photo: Knowles.
Ethan Smith with a strong backside gaff. Photo: Ficke.
Billy Ficke gets out from behind the lens and into this Hatteras left. Photo: Knowles.
Billy Ficke driving. Photo: Knowles.
So long for now... Photo: Ficke.

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