Photos by Billy Ficke, Colin Breland & Cameron Phipps. Words by John Streit.

As we time travel deeper into the summer season, it’s safe to say we’ve been blessed with a favorable weather pattern for small summer surf. Sure, we’re still praying for that first bomb hurricane swell to grace Virginia’s and North Carolina’s shores, but the meantime has provided consistent southeast background swell and favorable southwest winds; making for daily, quality longboard/SUP sessions for points north and the occasional stronger pulse for points south. The time-honored tradition of breaking the knee-high blues with a day trip to Hatters Island remains strongly in tact. We travel from First Street Jetty to Hatteras in the following gallery of photos collected throughout late June and early July. Below is an awesome edit created by the young crop of Sandbridge groms showing the classic summer conditions in action! It’s clear the youth are stoked and the conditions have been conducive to creativity in the surf, behind the lens and on the computer! Until next time…

First Street Jetty provided classic canvases for finals day of the fourth annual Logstradamus contest. Photo: Ficke.
Jetty life. Photo: Ficke.
The other side of Rudee Inlet flashed moments of brillance on June 28. Photo: Ficke.
Croatan Beach, Va. Photo: Ficke.
Another pretty peeler. Photo: Ficke.
The early summer has provided ample surf for high volume boards. Photo: Ficke.
Clean + Green. Photo: Ficke.
Per usual, the hop down to the Outer Banks has been a worthwhile trip of late. A mini-preview of hurricane swells to come! Photo: Breland.
Introducing Surf & Adventure's newest team rider, Virginia Beach's Carter Barnhardt! Photo: Breland.
Carter Barnhardt banks one on an Outer Banks sand bank. Photo: Breland.
Sterling King with a big punt on a small wave. Photo: Breland.
A crew of Sandbridge groms recently scored a beautiful morning of rippable waves in Rodanthe, N.C. Kai Barton checks the next section. Photo: Phipps.
Kai Barton. Photo: Phipps.
Cory Dearie hits the lip on a Surf & Adventure custom board by Shell Shapes. Photo: Phipps.
Kai Barton cooling off with a backhand dip. Photo: Phipps.
Surf & Adventure team rider Noah Barnas putting his SUPERbrand Siamese Palm Viper to work. Photo: Phipps.
Ted Eberhart with a nice layback gouge. Photo: Phipps.
Ted Eberhart. Photo: Phipps.
Noah Barnas blowing up! Photo: Phipps
Kai Barton with great rail work. Photo: Phipps.

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