Photos by Jon Carter, John Mactavish, Briar Nelson & Julian Smith.

After getting off to an all-or-nothing start with the long-term windiness of late September and early October, it seems we have fell into a much more favorable weather pattern for fun surf as we delve deeper into autumn. Sunday, Oct. 25 proved to be yet another classic fall day of consistent swell and beautiful conditions less than a week after similar conditions graced our shoreline. With another hit of swell currently in the water, we’re stoked to be receiving some great shots of surf while the water clings to its last remaining warmth. In the meantime, we take a look back at Sunday’s action across the Outer Banks and Sandbridge.

Overcast and clean in Sandbridge. Photo: Mactavish.
Down the beach peeler in Sandbridge. Photo: Mactavish.
Slabby Sandbridge Shorebreak. Photo: Mactavish.
A frame, Sandbridge. Photo: Mactavish.
Meanwhile in Buxton, Surf & Adventure team rider Julian Smith snapped a quick pic of the quality conditions before paddling out. Photo: Smith.
The incoming tide really turned on Sandbridge Sunday afternoon. Photo: Nelson.
No takers on this pretty little left. Photo: Nelson.
S&A alumn Briar Nelson gets the vision.
Dog days of fall. Photo: Nelson.
Another pretty peak in Sandbridge. Photo: Mactavish.
Longboard slide. Photo: Mactavish.
Stefan Turko, Quentin Turko's little brother, shows that ripping runs in the family! Photo: Carter.
Sean Tuttle gets deep. Photo: Carter.
Quentin Turko with an Outer Banks blast. Photo: Carter.
S&A alum and OBX correspondent Matt Price floats on in front of the washed-out area of NC-12. Photo: Carter.
Jeremy Mode slides inside an in-town slot. Photo: Carter.
Jeffrey Myers flashing fins. Photo: Carter.
Jason Mailand was a perfect fit for this little runner. Photo: Carter.

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