Photos by Shaun Devine & John Streit. Words by Streit.

As we’ve said before on this website, when Hayden Cox releases his innovative designs through his Haydenshapes label, we automatically know we can believe the hype. Sure, all major surfboard brands have elite professionals riding their boards and making them look amazing, but questions always remain: How will the average surfer connect with the design? Will it elevate his or her performance? Is the price worth the investment?

The Haydenshapes Hypto Krypto absolutely answered all of those question with incredible results when the board first arrived at Surf & Adventure Co. three years ago. We’ve never seen a board exceed the nearly deafening hype that surrounded it before its debut under the feet of our crew until the Hypto Krypto. It’s no surprise the shape has earned multiple international design awards in the years since, and it continues to be one of the best-selling surfboards in Surf & Adventure Co. history.

Shaun Devine with a big frontside turn on the Haydenshapes Hypto Krypto. Photo: Streit.
Shaun Devine's go-to barrel board is the 5'10 Hypto Krypto. Photo: Streit.
John Streit proves the versatility of the Hypto Krypto in smaller conditions. Photo: Devine.
The Hypto Krypto offers the best of both worlds -- the paddling ability of a fish and the high-line hold of a pintail thruster. Shaun Devine in perfect position. Photo: Streit.

This high-performance hybrid brings all the most functional aspects of a retro fish and a pintail thruster into one innovative shape. Ample volume and width through the nose and middle of the board translate to superior paddling power, making the board great for early entry when it’s pumping and wave-catching ability when it’s small. The shape descends into a tight pintail with a thruster fin setup ahead; allowing the board to feel balanced underfoot, hold in steep, barreling conditions and draw true, critical arcs in the most critical sections of the wave. Though it has a relatively flat rocker, additional curve in shaped into the underside of the board toward the nose, allowing it to perform in top-to-bottom surf. The result is board that has become a favorite of novices through professionals. It’s truly a one-board quiver that we have found to be the ultimate travel board due to its versatility. The board comes in two construction options: PE (poly/epoxy) and Future Flex (click here to learn more).

We have a run of Hypto Kryptos in stock and we can always special order sizes we don’t have on the racks!

Haydenshapes Hypto Krypto in PE -- polyurethane blank, epoxy fiberglass -- construction.

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