Video by Ricky Miller.

Called the Great White Buffalo of it’s rarity, elusive status. Most people go throughout their entire lives without ever encountering a Great White Buffalo.

“The night before, I got a phone call from my brother-in-law Sean Sands. He had one extra seat open, so I begged my wife to let me go on such short notice. I jumped out of bed and packed my gear,” said Virginia Beach’s Ricky Miller about his Great White Buffalo, which once lied just off where the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel meets the far shoreline to the north.

Elusive due to the confluence of factors that make this mystical lefthand point turn on, running with one of these lengthy beauties is a pleasure reserved only for those willing to overcome several barriers to entry — both natural and government-enforced. Simply put, you’re not just parking the car and walking up to the top of the point at this beach. Furthermore, application of intimate local knowledge of this place is critical to your chances of encountering it doing its thing. Under certain conditions — potentially as rare as once-per-decade or longer — it can get down right perfect. Some have even dubbed it world-class when everything comes together just right. Though it didn’t meet that standard for this recent trip during the Nor’easter/Hurricane Joaquin event, the mission definitely produced some incredible rides and plenty of memories for those who experienced this Great White Buffalo.

“I was pumped to finally ride a left point break so close to home: it definitely opened my eyes to what those beaches can handle with so much swell in the water,” Ricky said. “It only took one good wave to get down the point, or two so-so waves. Chest to head high lefthand grinders with only five guys out ain’t bad at all.”

As for future potential Buffalo-slaying missions?

“There are a couple little islands up that way that need to be explored. Also, some spots to our south that are only reachable by kayak or boat. You just have to be willing to sacrifice swell, time, and money to hit it right,” Ricky said.

“Sometimes it pays off. Sometimes you’re left standing there wondering what went wrong.”

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