Photos by Mickey “2M” McCarthy. Words by John Streit.

Aside from the legendary pier itself, Avalon knows few stalwarts as engrained as master lensman Mickey “2m” McCarthy. His watchful eye has captured some of the finest moments in the history of this Outer Banks performance mecca — a wave that is equal parts mean as it is inviting when it’s on. It can be a full-on gladiator pit as it was last week, or supremely ripable on smaller days like this. Her gaping barrels and groomed, bowling lines have groomed generations of Outer Banks talent. Simply put, it’s one of the East Coast’s true proving grounds. You can bet Mickey was as excited as the most eager grom to see these scenes unfold before him as he took his first look at these incredible autumn conditions. Huge thanks are due to 2M for being a true ambassador of stoke through his signature style of surf photography!

While the inside breaks provide the majority of Avalon's rides, occasionally the outer bar turns on as well. Photo: McCarthy.
Noah Futrell. Photo: McCarthy.
Inside A-frame. Photo: McCarthy.
Jeffrey Myers. Photo: McCarthy.
James Joyce proves his Catch Surf softie gets it done when the surf goes hard. Photo: McCarthy.
Nohea Futrell. Photo: McCarthy.


Another Catch Surf sighting on an inside drainer. Photo: McCarthy.

James Joyce. Photo: McCarthy.
Zach Kenny. Photo: McCarthy.
Thumper! Photo: McCarthy.
A late-afternoon speed blur with Zach Kenny. Photo: McCarthy.

Somewhere under the rainbow... Photo: McCarthy.

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