Photos by Ricky Miller.

The hits keep coming. A day as consistently pumping as Thursday, October 29 was on the Outer Banks makes for ample photo opportunities. As potent tunnels spun over Carolina’s legendary sandbars, those with their finger on the trigger came home with some golden images of this golden-hued barrel fest. For all of the time our Catch Surf rep Ricky Miller’s been putting in swimming with GoPro in hand, it all culminated with his morning swim on this day of days. With a solid crew of Virginia Beach chargers as the subjects, we’re stoked Ricky captured some solid gold.

S&A team rider Conner Barnes. Photo: Miller.
Travis Kesler. Photo: Miller.
Jeremy Meikle. Photo: Miller.
Chase Pittman. Photo: Miller.
Mike Bain. Photo: Miller.
Kevin Stewart. Photo: Miller.
Unidentified. Photo: Miller.
Inside out. Photo: Miller.

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