Photos by Billy Ficke, Stephen Quick V, John Mactavish & Jacob Kattan.

As the collective gaze and froth of the East Coast surf community focused squarely on the bombing barrels of the Outer Banks on Thursday, Oct. 29; the lesser-lauded, often swell-deprived shores of Virginia Beach and Sandbridge turned out some explosive scenes in their own right. Per usual, Virginia’s surf lacked the size, shape and power of it’s big brother to the south; but that doesn’t mean some incredible waves weren’t to be found. With hordes of swell-chasers cashing in their sick days — word has it a killer 24-hour bug spread like wildfire across town — to buzz down Carolina way, the standout lineups north of the border were eerily empty to the delight of those who remained in the city. Wide open in two ways: barreling and uncrowded peaks for miles and miles around.

Remnants of the Nor'easter/Joaquin swell greet a fresh pulse of pre-frontal energy. Photo: Ficke.
Driftwood drainer. Photo: Ficke.
Sandbridge beauty from the shoulder. Photo: Ficke.
An emerald gem goes unridden. Photo: Ficke.
Green & clean. Photo: Ficke.
Another empty canvas. Photo: Ficke.
A peek over the dunes. Photo: Ficke.
A frames and long lines. Photo: Ficke.
Mini-perfection. Photo: Ficke.
S&A team rider Billy McKechnie tags the lip on his Surf & Advenuture x Clark Shapes twin fin. Photo: Quick.
Unidentified. Photo: Quick.
Brian Harrison off the bottom in his Croatan backyard. Photo: Quick.
Croatan peeler. Photo: Quick.
Meanwhile at Croatan, an unidentified bodyboarder slides under the curtain. Photo: Quick.
A moment before detonation. Photo: Kattan.
Sandbridge shows shades of the OBX. Photo: Mactavish.
Outstanding shape and conditions. Photo: Mactavish.
You're out there! Photo: Mactavish.
Signing off with another peeling right. Photo: Mactavish.

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