By David Drewry. Photos by John Streit, Allen Harcourt, Bob Hovey & Jon Carter.

The suggested wave height for Catch Surf Beater board is knee-head high, but Surf & Adventure Co./Catch Surf team rider Conner Barnes continuously proves that this limit can be tested. The truth is, there is fun to be had on just about any wave with a Beater board. After witnessing Conner charge ankle high to overhead surf, we now have evidence that the Beater is meant to tear apart the ever-changing conditions of the East. From surfing slabby sandbars and ankle-slappers to pristine point-break like conditions, there are some excellent reasons to add a Beater board to your quiver. It really doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a pro, the Beater is a blast!

Key features include twin maple wood stringers which enhance the stability and flex of these scaled-down rip sticks. Pro models come with stiff plastic keel fins and can also be fitted with high performance FCS fins. The soft construction of the Beater makes it ideal and safe for beginners and children, while the D-rails and twin channel crescent tale make it an ultimate shredder for those who develop more skill. And yes, It does require surf wax for grip and standing.  The Beater can also be joyfully ridden as a body board or skim! Even with the single- or twin-fin, the fins can be removed and if you’re worried about damaging the fin boxes you can put duct tape over them.

Models include: 54″ Pro, 54″ Original, 48″ Original, with single-fin, twin-fin, and finless (all pro models come with fins). Stay stoked!  Our S&A retail location carries a stock of Beater boards and we can special order other models. Come on over to the shop or give us a call, then get shreddy!  You can also checkout the Beaters we currently have through our Online Store!

Photo: Streit
Photo: Harcourt.
Photo: Hovey.
Photo: Harcourt
Photo: Streit.
Photo: Carter.

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