By John Streit. Imagery courtesy SUPERbrand & Evan Micele.

Welcome to our Surfboard Preview series, where we’ll break down the incoming surfboard models that will be in the Surf & Adventure Co. retail store lineup for 2015. We’re going in-depth to help you make the most educated decision on your next shred stick. We start the series with the SUPERbrand Toy, one of the cornerstones of the surfboard company’s lineup. And that’s for good reason: this board rips! 

Over the past decade, we’ve seen a combination of more imagination and technical prowess enter into the surfboard design world. Gone are the days of the so-called “standard shortboard.” With the shorter-wider-thicker movement now becoming the new standard, the outline of the SUPERbrand Toy reminds me of what a standard shortboard has become. Let’s face it, most of us do not have great waves to surf regularly — especially in a place like Virginia Beach or Sandbridge. To get the most out of these mediocre conditions, the surfer must go to a board with ample volume, a low-to-medium rocker profile and plenty of concave to generate maximum speed when the waves are small and/or weak. But the performance-minded surfer must balance those factors with maneuverability, responsiveness and the ability to ride the board in more powerful surf as well. That’s where the Toy comes into play.

evan avon

The Shaper’s Collective at SUPERbrand originally targeted the Toy to be a performance groveler, but soon learned that advanced surfers were yielding great results in solid surf as well. Make no mistake, this is not a full-volume shape that will glide and catch waves like a fish. The Toy is a performer that is best suited for an intermediate surfer looking to push their performance level higher, or for an advanced rider looking for extra paddle power, drive and some forgiveness in the most critical sections. The board carries its maximum width through the middle of the board before diving down to a rounded squash tail is perfectly tailored for smooth and powerful snaps and turns. A single concave through the bottom morphs into a double concave out the tail. That paired with forgiving rails making going rail-to-rail smooth and efficient. The result is a board that you can be confident in from 1- to 6-foot surf.

“The Toy is best all-around, day-to-day shortboard for both Virginia and the Outer Banks,” says S&A/SUPERbrand team rider Evan Micele, who keeps the Toy in his competitive arsenal. “The board really helps me to get my turns tighter and into the critical section of the wave that I was missing before. It’s awesome for blow tails and tight turns in tight pockets.”

The addition of SUPERbrand to the S&A lineup is exciting because of just how dialed in each shape is for any shortboarder’s preference. The range doesn’t vary vastly in plain shape, but the technical details that intermediate-to-advanced surfers can feel are what set these boards apart in the marketplace. You can literally go down the line and pick a board for any conceivable wave condition and be confident that it will allow for maximum performance.

SUPERbrand "Toy"
"Black Gold" graphic
Side profile.
"White Gold" graphic.
Toy dimensions and volumes.

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