lichen red 40 oz hydro flask
40 oz wide mouth silver

Stainless Wine Cups

We did it for the kids and puppies out there.  That might sound strange but I, for one, will not stand to see anymore children punished or puppies scolded for knocking over what may be the dumbest design for a holding a beverage that is known to widely cause irremovable stains in Mom’s carpet.  I’m sure someone could tell me a good reason for wine stems but we at Surf and Adventure live in a world of practicality.  Whether for the beach, campground, or backyard, our stem-less wine cups just make pure, simple, unremarkable sense.  They can be found here.

A Camp Mugs

If you haven’t been keeping up with the world, coffee is good.  Like real good.  Furthermore, Instagram hashtags tell me that #coffeeoutside is even better.  Coffee tumblers are awesome (we’ll talk about that more later) but when hiking, or packing lightly for adventure, every ounce counts.  The Camp Mug is made to tag along everywhere you go.  Being made of double-walled stainless steel means it’s light, durable and far improved upon the single walled cup that burnt by hand last weekend.  Progress is American and so are these cups.

Coming Soon

In the very near future we will have other products arriving such a vacuum-sealed coffee tumblers and stainless water bottles from Surf and Adventure.


We also carry a variety of HydroFlask products.  While they are a bit more expensive for a water bottle, their benefits make it worth it.  The double-walled, vacuum construction keeps drinks hot or cold for extended hours.  I’ve even used my 32 oz. wide mouth to hold hot soup for a long bike ride.  The HydroFlasks also come with a variety of tops and attachments that truly make these containers the Swiss army knives.

Finally, we always have your basic bike-mount water bottle.  If you’re a cyclist, these are your simple, quintessential cycling bidons.  That’s French for “drink more water”.


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Josh is a long-time resident ambassador of Surf and Adventure. He works with every aspect of S&A from building boards with Jake to leading bike tours to False Cape. Ask him about longboard fins to find out more than you ever wanted to know. [@jausch]

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