Alec standing tall in Yosemite.

We’ve had a number groups of friends rise through the ranks of our surf instructors, tour guides, and shop.  It’s similar to how teacher see students passing through their classroom.  We get the opportunity to see people from all backgrounds stop by our company on their way to becoming sheriffs, surgeons, trainers, marines, etc.  Instead of choking up and telling you how it was back in my day, I’d like to share with you some picture that summarizes another groups of guys who have recently moved on.  It hit me that another class had passed through when I heard that Alec was moving out to Boulder.  I always liked Alec.  He was one of the few younger guys out there on single-fin in Sandbridge without the attitude that usually comes with it.  He could surf well but you wouldn’t hear about it from him.

That’s a rare thing these days with solo shots and Instagram.

Either way, Alec was fortunate to run with a crew of talented people studying photography as he added rock climbing to his passion for the outdoors.  If Alec won’t toot his horn, we’ll do it for him.  Have fun out in Colorado, Alec!


Photos from friends;

Danny Britain:

Maya Sacks:

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