Photos by Billy Ficke, Vinnie Abijaoudi, Lisa Milspaugh & Rachel O’Leary. Words by John Streit.

As we enter into the hottest months of the year, we’ll be sure to look back at the past couple of weeks with summer-like temperatures and still relatively cool water and wish for these days. Indeed, we have settled into the southwesterly wind flow of summer with its trace southeast wrap swell and sweltering heat. Though it’s not officially summer, the late going of spring has provided many fun sessions around Sandbridge and the Outer Banks ahead of the more dormant stretch we currently face. That said, it looks like the trace swell we have been seeing can translate into some fun sessions when the right cards are dealt — especially on the more exposed swell window of Hatteras Island, which can provide fun surf on nearly any given day at the right spots. With surfboard models like the S&A Scalawag and SUPERbrand Fling, summer may not be as much of a bummer! Happy wave hunting to all. Whether or not the surf get a solid turn-on, there is still plenty of adventure to be found across our little coastal paradise.

A little Sandbridge beauty. Photo: Ficke.
Either way, it looks fun! Photo: Ficke.
Billy Ficke on the other side of the lens, afternoon cruising in Sandbridge. Photo: Abijaoudi.
Matt Hanson with the Sandbridge onshore score. Photo: Ficke.
Billy Ficke gets a leg up on the little SB left. Photo: Abijaoudi.
Billy went for a swim in Sandbridge and came back with some classic summer views from the lineup. Photo: Ficke.
Sandbridge Beach, Va. Photo: Ficke.
Billy also took the jump south to Kitty Hawk and discovered small-but-pristine conditions. Photo: Ficke.
Inside peak. Photo: Ficke.
A bit further south, S&A team rider Evan Micele tags one to finish strong on his SUPERbrand "Toy" - now available in-store at the shop as well! 1 of 2. Photo: Milspaugh.
Evan Micele, 2 of 2. Photo: Milspaugh.
Evan Micele: Hatteras Island, N.C. Photo: Milspaugh.
Evan's backhand hook. Photo: Milspaugh.
Evan whips a frontside, drop-wallet hack. Photo: Milspaugh.
Evan Micele, 1 of 2. Photo: Milspaugh.
Evan Micele, 2 of 2. Photo: Milspaugh.
Laid back attack by Evan. Photo: Milspaugh.
Evan switches scenes back to Sandbridge for some stylish longboard glides. Photo: O'Leary.
It seems like Evan is never not noseriding! Here he is up top on a wave that's top-to-bottom. Photo: O'Leary.
Evan lines up a steep inside section. Photo: O'Leary.
Evan Micele takes advantage of the incredible longboarding conditions on this day. Photo: O'Leary.
Away from the camera and into the zone: Evan Micele in Sandbridge. Photo: O'Leary.

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