Photos by Daniel Brittain & Briar Nelson.

The second part of this two-part series takes us on a diverse journey through the great Northwest from the Columbia River gorges of Oregon to Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Teton mountains. Hats off to Danny Brittain, Briar Nelson, Alec Truelove and Maya Sacks for taking the time to beautifully document these incredible American natural treasures. We hope it inspires you to go outdoors and immerse yourself in the endless wonder of the natural world. Enjoy!

The incredible Latourel Falls in the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon. Photo: Brittain.
Breathtaking geological features make Latourel Falls a true natural wonder. Photo: Brittain.
Latourel Falls from behind. Photo: Brittain.
Oneonta Gorge, Oregon. The boys suited up to travel deep into the gorge, lugging their camera equipment overhead to capture these images. Photo: Brittain.
Oneonta Gorge. Photo: Brittain.
Oneonta Gorge. Photo: Brittain.
After exploring the gorges of Oregon, the boys packed up and shifted scenes to Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park. The park rests atop an active volcano, causing vibrantly-colored hot springs to emerge from the earth. Photo: Brittain.
Beautiful turquoise hues and ultra-clear water make these features awe-inspiring. Photo: Brittain.
Alec Truelove surveys Grand Prismatic, the largest hot spring in North America. Photo: Brittain.
Grand Prismatic. "These hot springs just came right out of the ground with steam filling the air. It smelled like sulphur everywhere we went." Photo: Brittain.
"This is one of my favorite shots because it says a lot about a very resilient species that was almost completely wiped out by mankind." Photo: Brittain.
A herd of Bison graze in a clearing in Yellowstone National Park. Photo: Nelson.
The Grand Tetons majestically tower above Wyoming. P
Grand Tetons. Photo: Brittain.
"After the Tetons, we set off on a 30-hour drive back to Virginia Beach." Photo: Brittain.

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