Photos by Mickey McCarthy, Riley Shelton, Evan Foster, Jacob Kattan, John McTavish, Lauren Rowell, Megan Via, Evan Fa & John Streit. Words by Streit.

After a lengthy delay in activity through midsummer, it looks like the tropics have finally awakened! Our first Cape Verde storm of the year, Hurricane Danny, grew into a Category 3 storm before fizzling out in the Caribbean. Still, the Hurricane Danny blew strong winds directly at the East Coast, resulting in two days of fun medium-to-long period swell in the waist-plus range in Virginia and waist-to-shoulder with the occasional bigger outside bomb across the standout breaks along the Outer Banks. While Danny merely offered up an appetizer to the main course that (hopefully) lies ahead, having a tropical swell line up with light winds is what this time of year is all about.

S&A's Matt McKechnie styles in to an inside wall in Sandbridge on Monday, Aug. 24. Photo: MacTavish.
Bo Raynor puts it on-rail in front of 2M. Photo: McCarthy.
Tropical swell ushered in tropical water colors in Rodanthe on Tuesday, Aug. 25. Photo: McCarthy.
Matt Walker off the bottom. Photo: McCarthy.
Aaron Hopkins gets laid back in town. Photo: Shelton/Local As It Gets
Inna Pencheva eyes up a pretty left. Photo: Shelton/Local As It Gets
Camping missions to False Cape have become a favorite pastime for the S&A crew this summer! Matt McKechnie goes left six miles away from the nearest parking lot. Photo: Rowell.
The smaller sizes of this swell didn't mean it didn't pack a hollow punch. Evan Foster had the best views in the house! Photo: Fa.
James Joyce with a deep drop knee barrel. Photo: Foster.
Sandbridge definitely had it's moments during Danny's swell. Photo: Streit.
Danny's last gasp on Tuesday afternoon in Sandbridge. Photo: Kattan.
Jacob Kattan tucks in to an early morning Sandbridge peeler. Photo: Via.

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