The fruits of Surf & Adventure shaper Jack Sacks labor are definitely being savored by owner Rob Lindauer, who has been putting in some solid R&D time around Sandbridge on his lineup of S&A sleds! Being a well-rounded wave rider is one of his passions, and his spread of boards — all of which are demos available for you to ride at the shop (unless he’s riding one) — cover a broad spectrum of styles. We’re also stoked on the fact that these boards are made right here along the stretch of coast we call home by dedicated, local craftsmen.

Clockwise from the bottom.

Scalawag SUP: 8’10 x 31 x 4 1/2: With a mini-Simmons outline and 4-plus-1 fin options, the Scalawag is a small-wave cruise weapon. Due to its width, planing surface and thickness, the Scalawag can be ridden shorter than a standard SUP shape of the same volume. Rob prefers the quad option for smooth rail-to-rail surfing and goes with the Shaper’s DVS Quad Keels.

Scalawag: 5’6 x 21 x 2 3/8: With a step deck, ample width throughout and plenty of planing surface, the Scalawag paddles like a funboard but performs like a fish. The low-entry rocker aids in catching small surf and blasting through flat sections to connect longer rides. It’s pinched rails and deep single-to-double concave and quad fin setup pack in the performance potential. It’s also a smooth-operating rail-to-rail rider when its clean and punchy. An all-around daily driver for average conditions.

Disruptor SUP8’10 x 31 x 4 1/4: This SUP is the culmination of years of refining performance aspects to meet the demands of Rob. Like the Scalawag, the bottom features a deep single-to-double concave for efficient rail-to-rail transitions. The nose and tail are pulled in to decrease the board’s turning radius and thus increasing maneuverability. The board features the 4-plus-1 fin setup, though it’s built to be a quad — and to be ripped!

Disruptor5’10 x 21 x 2 1/2: The Disruptor is designed to bring out all the performance of your favorite shred stick with enough volume to enhance your session when it’s small or paddle into waves early when its pumping. The diamond-swallowtail provides critical gripping points to lock the tail into the wave — no more quad-induced slideouts when it’s time to go vertical. Single-to-double concave and forward wide point make for great acceleration along with a quad fin setup. Give it a go and it’ll become you’re go-to board when its fun!

Trucker: Midlength 7’6 x 22 1/2 x 2 1/2: Longboard: 9’0: Either as a mini-long or performance longboard, the Trucker is built for speed, glide and big turns. Look at this shape as the shortboarder’s longboard with unique features like 4-plus-1 fin options and crescent tail. Though it will lock in a nice noseride, we recommend this shape for folks looking for a high performance longboard for more critical, steep conditions we see on solid days.

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