S&A Alumni Cory Grandfield has been long lost to the Pacific Northwest.   I was excited that he has reemerged with this exciting video “Squatchers”.  With a shared affinity for Sasquatch culture, we love this video don’t cha know.   Cory and Mike Babiarz put this production together in efforts to win a new shotover camera.  (#shotoverg1giveaway #changeyourgame @shotovercamera)  Let’s help them make new great things come to life!

[to my fellow parental units, earmuffs if the kids are near]

Vote here: www.squatchers.ca

Some radness pulled from Cory’s individualist media:

Family portrait with Sasquatch. I think we’re all having a nice chill weekend after submission date. Don’t forget to vote today! We’re climbing up the ladder but have a long way to go. Every vote helps! #changeyourgame #shotoverg1giveaway #squatchers @shotovercamera @mikebabz @instacrammm @smalltyler photo by @azariahian

Squatchers wouldn’t have been possible without #filthmode @filthmodemc braving the elements we dealt with for shooting and winning won’t be possible without your votes. I’ll be bugging you every day (vote once a day!), but at least @azariahian took a bunch of awesome photos for me to share. Link in bio. #shotoverg1giveaway #changeyourgame @shotovercamera

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