Down South photo’s by: Patrick Duggan, Julian Smith,Cody Hammer | John Mactavish captures Sandbridge

As winter storm Stella marched up the coast this past Monday, I remember watching our surf cam and seeing some really fun waves breaking down the beach.  The wind that was helping shape the waves here was also making for a very challenging session.  Always charging Andy Payne paddled out in Sandbridge.  By luck John Mactavish was combing the beach looking for guys out to photograph.  He found Andy on a frothy one.

Not to settle for what Virginia Beach had to offer, Julian and crew trekked down south and found epic conditions.  With Cody’s camera in hand, Julian and Cody took turns capturing some of that days story.   Patrick Duggan gets a great shot of Julian sliding into the curl.


In Sandbridge, Andy Payne backside off the top. Captured by John Mactavish



Down South: Ryan Hargrave on a kegger

Down South: Unknown Surfer drops into this macker

Down South: A right we all dream of… (maybe on a warmer day)

Down South

Down South: Mr Unknown about to swim under this nice left.

Down South: Julian pulling in – Photo by Patrick Duggan

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