Words by John Streit. Photos by Angela Kirkland.

There’s nothing like shredding the rubber on a Caribbean surf trip after grueling through a cold Virginia winter. You immediately feel more connected to your equipment and the ocean, not to mention being in the ocean feels physically good for the first time in months. The longer days, stronger sun rays and tropical temperatures offer a little preview of the summer to come — often with better surf!

Puerto Rico was the spring break destination for Sandbridge’s¬†Kirkland family and their crew of four surf-stoked boys, who experienced La Isla Del Encanto for the first time. Staying in Aguadilla near the famed Crash Boat, the boys were in prime position to catch the ever-present northeast trade swells that light up the north and northwest coasts. While the swell wasn’t pumping enough to reach Crash Boat, the Wilderness area through Jobos Beach provided ample canvases for these young rippers to draw lines.¬†From grinding on tostones and fresh fish for lunch to exploring the countryside to blowing up in the surf; the trip was definitely packed with good times for the boys!

“My brothers and I were just feeding off of each other in the surf,” oldest brother and S&A team rider Coeltryn Kirkland said. “We had some really fun sessions and made some great memories.”

"The wind in the palms and everything's green with the clear water -- looking at the reef -- that's what got me stoked the most." Coeltryn reflects on the joys of wintertime surfing in Puerto Rico with his younger brothers. Photo: Kirkland.
The occasional left sneaks inside the rocks at Jobos Beach, and Coeltryn had it wired. Photo: Kirkland.
Rhett Kirkland, 10, doing grown man's rail work! Photo: Kirkland.
Addison Kirkland, 11, finds fine form on his back hand. Photo: Kirkland.
Keaton Kirkland, 12, slides through an inside Jobos gem. Photo: Kirkland.
Coeltryn throws a mean frontside hack on his SUPERbrand "Answer." Photo: Kirkland.
The ruins at Wilderness -- once a lighthouse, but a tsunami destroyed the structure many years ago. Photo: Kirkland.
Even when there's "no surf" in P.R., there's always something to ride. Coeltryn takes full advantage with a laid back approach. Photo: Kirkland.
Local fisherman buzz out the back on their way to their day's work. Photo: Kirkland.
Keaton tucks into a pretty little tube. Photo: Kirkland.
A stylish frontside wrap from Coeltryn. Photo: Kirkland.
Rhett banks a frontside turn on his custom S&A shred stick. Photo: Kirkland.
Coeltryn shows off his well-balance approach with a backside snap. Photo: Kirkland.
Addison tags the lip on his custom S&A shape. Photo: Kirkland.
Coeltryn, off the top. Photo: Kirkland.
Rhett sizes up another tropical wall. Photo: Kirkland.

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