Words by John Streit. Photos by Streit, Lisa Milspaugh & Lexie Hand.

While most of the area was bathed in radiant sunshine on Saturday, April 18, a thin band of ghostly fog hugged the coast of the Outer Banks for the better part of the morning and afternoon. When I first witnessed the haze, caused by the drastic temperature differential between air in the 70s and water in the low 50s, it seemed like my hopes of capturing good, clear photos of the fun, clean southeast swell hitting Hatteras Island were out the window. A low-lying marine layer cloud wrapped around the pilings of Oregon Inlet’s Bonner Bridge with a massive fog bank obscuring the old Coast Guard station to the south. A striking sight to see, but a bad sign for the visibility ahead. Thankfully, the fog slowly and steadily burned off as I made my way to Buxton, the epicenter of the day’s action. By the time I reached Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, the fog faded enough that sunshine permeated through, giving the beach and lineup scene a faint glow in the flat light. All of the sudden, my fears of dingy, foggy images transformed into stoke. It was clear that the pristine spring session would indeed yield the goods, and the surfers in this gallery took full advantage.

The difference in air and water temperature created a low bank of fog that hugged the coast of Hatteras Island on Saturday, April 18. The Bonner Bridge provides a striking backdrop to show the marine layer's presence. Photo: Streit.
It's rare to have winds this light on the Outer Banks, especially during Spring. A fun-sized southeast swell with a sneaky punch rolls in at Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. Photo: Streit.
Hatteras' Dallas Tolson takes flight with a big frontside grab. Photo: Streit.
Brian Bassett of Virginia Beach is a Hatteras regular that knows how to work the lineup at the Lighthouse. While most opted for the lefts of the main peak, he has this corner pocket wired. Photo: Streit.
Brian Bassett on turn 1,000 of the day. Photo: Streit.
An unidentified ripper boosts on his SUPERbrand Fling. Photo: Streit.
Some air time for Mr. Bassett. Photo: Streit.
Virginia Beach's Jake Horton flares one out on his backhand. Photo: Streit.
Virginia Beach grom Grady Borte styling with a hand-drag layback. Photo: Streit.
Another inside bash from Brian Bassett. Photo: Streit.
Dallas Tolson plays tag on this end section. Photo: Streit.
Fins free, in control: Brian Bassett. Photo: Streit.
A wise man once said, "If you can see the bottom of someone's surfboard from the beach, they're probably doing something right." Jake Horton proves that theory to be very true. Photo: Streit.
Elevator down. Photo: Streit.
Dallas Tolson turned the Lighthouse lineup into his personal skate park. Photo: Streit.
Brian Bassett's backhand blast. Photo: Streit.
Jake Horton eyes up his next move. Photo: Streit.
Nearby, S&A team rider Evan Micele draws a hard line. Photo: Milspaugh.
Plenty of power in this sharp arc by Evan Micele. Photo: Milspaugh.
Evan finds some shade. Photo: Streit.
Graceful style from young Evan. Photo: Milspaugh.
Evan tees off on a beautiful bank. Photo: Milspaugh.
Some lip service from an unidentified ripper. Photo: Hand.
The Brothers Smith - Juan, Alex and Julian - strengthened their bond in the super fun conditions. Here, Alex hooks one with hand drag style. Photo: Hand.
Julian Smith finds fine form. Photo: Hand.
Alex Smith on the gas pedal. Photo: Hand.
Big bro Juan Smith brings out the big gaff. Photo: Hand.
Julian with a crisp attach. Photo: Hand.
Alex Smith runs with a hollow section. Photo: Hand.
I like to call Brian Bassett "The Barrel Hound" for this very reason: He's on of the best around at sniffing out great tube rides. 1 of 6. Photo Streit.
Brian Bassett, 2 of 6. Photo: Streit.
Brian Bassett, 3 of 6. Photo: Streit.
Brian Bassett, 4 of 6. Photo: Streit.
Brian Bassett, 5 of 6. Photo: Streit.
Brian Bassett, 6 of 6. Photo: Streit.
Full-rail roundhouse cutbacks aren't in everyone's bag of tricks. If you ask Dallas Tolson, they should be. 1 of 5. Photo: Streit.
Dallas Tolson, 2 of 5. Photo: Streit.
Dallas Tolson, 3 of 5. Photo: Streit.
Dallas Tolson, 4 of 5. Photo: Streit.
Dallas Tolson, 5 of 5. Photo: Streit.
Brian Bassett takes this ledgy right into the groin and escapes the guillotine. 1 of 7. Photo: Streit.
Brian Bassett, 2 of 7. Photo: Streit.
Brian Bassett, 3 of 7. Photo: Streit.
Brian Bassett, 4 of 7. Photo: Streit.
Brian Bassett, 5 of 7. Photo: Streit.
Brian Bassett, 6 of 7. Photo: Streit.
Brian Bassett, 7 of 7. Photo: Streit.

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