Photos by Mickey McCarthy. Words by John Streit.

If there’s a wave breaking on the Outer Banks, chances are legendary surf photographer Mickey McCarthy has his lens pointed at it. His Facebook page is become something like must-see TV whenever a swell passes by North Carolina’s beachbreak buffet. With no shortage of ripping subjects from groms like Nohea Futrell to established shredders like Jeffrey Myers and picturesque barrels on deck through the Thanksgiving swell event, Mickey’s art serves as a true chronicle of Outer Banks surfing. The latest chapter proved to be as action-packed and entralling a ever.

An unidentified surfer drives through a front-lit, afternoon barrel in Kill Devil Hills. Photo: McCarthy.
The Avalon lineup. Photo: McCarthy.
Jeffrey Myers blasts off. Photo: McCarthy.
Below sea level at Avalon Pier. Photo: McCarthy.
Squared up. Photo: McCarthy.
Jeffery Milton pig dogs a beauty. Photo: McCarthy.
Nohea Futrell charging the infamous Hayman shorebreak. Photo: McCarthy.
Nohea Futrell. Photo: McCarthy.
Outside bombs provided a contrasting experience to the booming shorebreak barrels. Photo: McCarthy.


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